Led by the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, we are uniting like-minded organizations and individuals together in a shared cause: securing the sustainability of the local steel industry, and in turn, the businesses that depend upon it, to ensure a bright future for our community.

Steel has been at the heart of the Soo since 1902. Algoma Steel, operating under various names over the years, has provided the secure jobs and economic activity that have sustained our community for 114 years.

But the uncertainty facing Algoma is now threatening the Soo way of life.

We all need to come together in common purpose, doing whatever we can to ensure that the steel industry continues as an economic engine of our community. That means encouraging investment and innovative solutions. That means demonstrating that the Soo matters - and is open for business.

We are the Soo.

The Soo Way of Life

We love hockey. We compete annually for the best backyard rink. We are home to NHL legends.
We ride the Hub, walk the Hub, prize the Hub.
We camp. At camp, in the bush or on the shores of Superior.
We ski the Main, the Double and thrilled by the return of the Quad!
For us, Hiawatha is more than a native icon—it’s a year-round playground.
We remember Woolco, Doran’s Brewery and St. Mary’s Paper—long before they were Days Inn, the Stack and Mill Square.
We love Aurora’s pizza, Superior donuts and Muio’s chicken.
We all have a stash of Bon Soo buttons.
…and, most of all, we know how to make steel.

Come together. Join us today by showing your support and add what makes the Soo unique for you.

Securing Our Future with Steel

Algoma Steel’s future is directly connected to our community:

  • Algoma Steel is one of just three integrated steel manufacturers in Canada and employs 2,800 people in good, middle class jobs and indirectly supports over 11,000 more jobs.
  • The company’s continued operation secures the pensions and benefits of over 6,000 local retirees.
  • Every year, Algoma Steel spends $1.2 billion on goods and services.
  • Additionally, it spends over $120 million with over 600 local suppliers annually.
  • It is strategically located at hub of the Great Lakes with access to low-cost modes of transport for inbound raw materials and outbound products. Over 60% of the company’s customers are located within an 500-kilometer radius.

We are the Soo. Join us today by showing your support and sharing your steel story.

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What Algoma Needs to Succeed


A collaborative solution that ensures all stakeholders are at the table.


An infusion of equity that allows the company to meet near-term capital projects and operating liquidity.


Reduced debt and a stabilized balance sheet.


A sustainable cost structure that addresses pension challenges and environmental legacy costs.

Support the Cause

Sign up today to learn how you can help ensure that Algoma continues as an economic engine of our community.

The Chamber Supports the Future of Steel

The Canadian steel industry is a cornerstone of our national economy. It constitutes not only steel producers, but also the role they play as a supplier, customer and innovator for numerous industrial businesses in Sault Ste. Marie and across the country. Recently, a combination of increased regulation, the instability of the global economy and unfair trade by foreign competitors has led to a sharp decline in the ability of our steel industry to compete. 

All levels of government need to focus public policy and investment efforts towards supporting this important industry, its natural clusters and the innovation it creates. Our community also needs to rally to the cause and not only save our steel industry but build a community for the future with an innovative competitive steel industry as an anchor.

Specifically we need to advocate for our community:

  • Support Fair Trade. Modernize trade remedy legislation and enforce anti-dumping regulations.
  • Level the playing field. Ensure Canadian manufacturers are not placed at a competitive disadvantage against imports in their home market due to differences in environmental, labour and other regulatory standards.
  • Create fair and equal access to global markets. Ensure reciprocal access to foreign markets for Canadian manufacturers.
  • Develop a steel manufacturing strategy. Align public policy to recognize and support trade-exposed manufacturing industries like steel. Prioritize and facilitate investment in these sectors whose continued viability and supply chain impacts are integral to the health of the Canadian economy.
  • Allocate carbon pricing revenue. Help energy-intensive industries like steel develop low-carbon processes and adopt new technology.

Show Your Support Now

As a community, we need to come together and ensure that Algoma continues as an economic engine of our community. Here’s how you can help:

Sign our wall of support and share your steel story.

Share our story with your friends and family.

Change your Twitter and Facebook profile picture to show that your support the Soo.

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